Brush Your Teeth: How to be Consistent

Brush Your Teeth: How to be Consistent

Weird topic right? Yup! I’m going to teach you how to brush your teeth. It’ll only make sense if you read it till the end. You brush your teeth
every day right? I am assuming you said yes!
What happens when you miss a day, as in, you forget to brush for one day… what happens?

Do you stop
brushing forever?

A part of me hopes you said “No” to that last question! Why didn’t you stop brushing forever? Because it doesn’t make sense to stop because you missed one day!

That’s exactly how consistency works! You may miss a day or two but you wake up the next day and keep going. No one is consistent 100% of the time!

We all miss one day but what makes you great is picking yourself up and continuing, instead of stopping completely.

Be consistent 


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