I was really glad when I was contacted to be the Keynote Speaker of this great event. When I got the mail, I was thrilled, even though I stressed the team a lot about the little things about picture choice, etc. I sweat the small stuff because it is the small stuff that makes the difference. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra and not many people are willing to take on that extra. The extraordinary is a product of a commitment to excellence and consistency. In the end, that is what truly makes the 21st-century entrepreneur

On Sunday, I was closing all the tabs I had opened over weeks on my browser. They were 45 in total. If you live in Nigeria, you know that our Internet providers cannot be trusted and so in the spirit of multitasking, we open several browsers to save time, watch them load and probably get distracted by an urgent task. As I closed each tab, I realized, I had planned to do one thing or the other and never really got to it. Some of those tabs had been open for 3 weeks and had a task attached to them

I have been to so many events and speakers hammer on the importance of network, reemphasising quotes like “Your net worth is equal to the value of your network” and almost immediately after each event, I notice most people are overzealous to implement what they have just learned and create networks, the only problem is, they just keep talking on and on about themselves and talking at the other person without necessarily trying to listen. Then they take business cards and never really follow up or even get remembered because they did not really make a positive lasting impression and

As last year gradually came to an end, I started uping my financial literacy game. I knew about money, I knew about saving and investing. I also knew about mutual funds and I made all these amazing investment moves - fixed deposits, Tbills, Mutual funds, and FX investments. I was still scared of stocks, so I reached out to friends to improve my knowledge of money. They helped and it was amazing. One recommended a money manual - The Smart Money Woman by Arese Agwu. I think this is one of the best manuals for financial literacy that utilizes storytelling

2018 started like every other year on January 1, 2018. I fumbled with dates in the first two weeks with dates. 2017 was such an amazing year and I thought I would get the same or even better treatment from 2018 but 2018 was even more ruthless. It felt like as I grew older, life had harder lessons to teach me. At the end of 2018, I thought to myself, No, this was not the 2018 I planned. It was harsher, better, more fun, sadder, happier, and emotion I felt was on a new level. I was broker, richer, angrier,