My Ibadan Experience; Pre-birthday Trip

My Ibadan Experience; Pre-birthday Trip

My trip to Ibadan was a whole experience. The last time I went to Ibadan, it was a very quick trip and I didn’t have enough time to see and experience the city. We were determined to have fun, so we did. We even created moments in our heads, out of seemingly unpleasant situations. I’ll tell you the story and give you a pictorial context broken into days

Day 1:

We arrived in Ibadan later than we expected (No traffic) but the amazing thing about this trip was that I bonded with Uwem and my darling Obii, hadn’t seen her in a while. It was a long-ass trip… maybe we can blame the vehicle or the driver for the pace. When we finally arrived at the resort, we ended up eating “local food” and having an interesting pool hangout with games. Those that could swim, swam. Those that could drink, drank. Those that could play, played, and then, of course, we retired to bed.

(Sorry I didn’t do a room tour. I guess what happens in Ibadan, may have to stay in Ibadan for this one)

Day 2:

The day started really early (6:30 am) and we had amazing events planned out by @geotravels but as with life, it is full of surprises. We had an unexpected stop at a church where we took bomb pictures and tried new things.

We also went to Mapo Hall.

I really wanted to buy this rafia mat I saw, but we had to go… so goodbye Rafia mat! 

At Mapo Hall, we found out very interesting things about the history of the hall and it’s “maintenance” as well. I made a new friend there… you can call him Honorable.

 I also took lots of pictures of @oluwarufus and his bae. 

Plus Alma didn’t let me rest.

After this, we headed to the mountain to see the infamous suspended lake. Ohhhh dear… it was a whole ass hiking experience and I was inspired by these cute kids skipping up and down the mountain like it was easy peasy. 

At some point, I wasn’t smiling again o

Anyway, we heard different tales about the suspended lake and we didn’t get to see the fountain because our new driver was not in the mood but hey… we saw the lake, so let’s tick that… whoop whoop and oh I saw giant feet marks (which were really just dents from specific spots people used as grinding stones back in the day but hey giant feet marks sound way cooler). 

We were super tired after the hike and toured the main city from the comfort of the vehicle, in between banters about politics, religion, responsibility and so much more. To give us an extended view, the driver took us in a different direction and we even got transferred to another bus… but we got back in one piece for the “dinner party” which had been waiting for us for almost 2 hours. 

Day 3:

We picked grapes from the resort because they were just dropping from the tree and we couldn’t let them go to waste. 

We ditched all other plans goodbye and headed back to Lagos but I guess Ibadan had not had enough of us. The tire gave way at the perfect spot – a mini-market. I bought garri, oil, beans, and a few things for the house. Ibadan couldn’t let me go without chopping my money one last time. 

It wasn’t all that I hoped it would be and I didn’t get to see the famous Ibadan Zoo but it was a memorable adventure, thanks to my buddies Uwem, Obii, Rufus, bae and Alma


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