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My trip to Ibadan was a whole experience. The last time I went to Ibadan, it was a very quick trip and I didn’t have enough time to see and experience the city. We were determined to have fun, so we did. We even created moments in our heads, out of seemingly unpleasant situations. I’ll tell you the story and give you a pictorial context broken into days Day 1: We arrived in Ibadan later than we expected (No traffic) but the amazing thing about this trip was that I bonded with Uwem and my darling Obii, hadn’t seen her in a

Show them the videos of other parents who have lost their kids Tell them your experience.Send them WhatsApp BC. I have 2 templates if you wantName drop your friends who have been picked up or brutalized by SARS. Preferably the ones they use as an exampleShow them the videos of what SARS are doing to protestersIf they are religious, show them videos by Pst Adeyemi and quote relevant bible verses for them Explain #5For5 and make sure they know we are fighting for our lives and fighting for them too.Remind them about when you or the family needed police help