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Show them the videos of other parents who have lost their kids Tell them your experience.Send them WhatsApp BC. I have 2 templates if you wantName drop your friends who have been picked up or brutalized by SARS. Preferably the ones they use as an exampleShow them the videos of what SARS are doing to protestersIf they are religious, show them videos by Pst Adeyemi and quote relevant bible verses for them Explain #5For5 and make sure they know we are fighting for our lives and fighting for them too.Remind them about when you or the family needed police help

Want to send a BC to your parents and external relatives? These are a few BC templates: Whatsapp BC 1 ATTENTION* ‼️‼️ THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A PARENT WITH YOUTHS A group of law enforcement officers called SARS have been terrorizing our young people. If you are young, have a gadget, an interesting hairstyle (sometimes you don’t even need to have an interesting hairstyle) or a laptop bag, you’re automatically under attack. Young people (our brothers, sisters, friends and your children) have been extorted, beaten and even in some cases detained just for being successful. That is their