A Few Reasons You May Have Missed that Job 2

A Few Reasons You May Have Missed that Job 2

Dear You,

The reason you’ve not been called for that job revolve around 3 things:

  1. Your application
  2. Pre-interview activities
  3. Your Interview(s)

I discussed your application here.

Pre-Interview Activities

10. Not picking or returning calls. Chances are you don’t have the number saved. Call back if you missed a call from a strange number or if you are having network failures. Send a text. Don’t unlook. When you pick, be polite, you don’t know who is on the other end of the phone.

11. Unnecessary Lies and Excuses. If you missed the call, don’t craft a lie or start giving excuses, it shows incompetence. Nobody will kill you, just call back.

12. Your social media attitude/page is not palatable. Recruiters check the social media pages of their applicants. It’s possible you may have insulted the HR or a recruiter on social media. Be responsible on social media.

13. None of your social media accounts reflects your expertise. Depending on your industry Social media can work to your advantage. If it’s fashion and your IG is highly curated or LinkedIn is informative, you may have the upper hand. This works in reverse too.

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