A Few Reasons You May Have Missed that Job 3

A Few Reasons You May Have Missed that Job 3

Dear You,

The reason you’ve not been called for that job revolve around 3 things:

  1. Your application
  2. Pre-interview activities
  3. Your Interview(s)

I discussed your application here. and pre-interview activities here.

Your Interview(s)

14. You look unkept or unappealing. When you show up for an interview, your appearance is your first impression and you get judged by that before you even open your mouth. Look good. Don’t over do it.

15. You are uncomfortable. If the weather is hot and you are wearing 3 pcs suit or a tight shoe or heavy makeup, chances are you’ll be uncomfortable, probably sweaty and this will affect your concentration and body language. Try to dress well but pay attention to comfort. Be early too with your complete document, so you don’t experience the discomfort of fear and disorganization when you are late.

16. Body or mouth odor. It is pretty difficult to concentrate as a recruiter when you are putting in all your effort to mask the discomfort you feel because of an odor emanating from a human. Please help your recruiters. Smell good. Put effort. Use tooth paste and mouth wash.

17. Choking perfume. I know I said you should smell good but don’t choke people with your perfume. Chances are the person may be choking. Keep it light, sweet and clean.

18. Chewing Gum and Phone Calls. In the presence of your interviewer, Before or during an interview, please, put your phone on silent. Don’t take notes with your phone (it would come across as though you’re chatting). Spit Out the gum before the interview.

19. You don’t know your interviewer. Research your interviewer. If you can’t study them. People are different. Some people like you to brag, some want you humble, some like numbers, others like story or even gist. Pay attention.

20. Your self esteem and personality are absent. Culture fit often ranks higher than skill in some private companies but generally, if your recruiter can connect with you, you’ll get the job. Be confident, sell yourself and be true to who you are.

21. You don’t know enough about the company or the job role. Research the company. Ask questions. Don’t go there blind. Be informed. Be clear about the job role and use practical examples of different instances you can contribute to the company. Say “we” a lot as though you are part of the company already.

22. You are not proactive or solution driven. Find a problem within the company (a smart one) and solve it. It could also be a suggestion. Eg I noticed the about us page is not opening or the company’s SEO could be better.

23. You’re not nice to people except the interviewer. Be nice to everyone including the gateman. You don’t know whose review could be taken into account.

24. You jam talk. You bad mouth your previous employers, team members, family members etc. You don’t need to talk out of point. Focus.

25. Unintelligent Questions. Ask smart questions that concern your job roles or working conditions.

26. Unrealistic, Unintelligent or Desperate Negotiation. Be very smart about this one. Don’t pull off a Frank Donga on this one. Research industry salary range. Be smart and diplomatic. Don’t sell yourself short.

27. Desperation. Most interviewers can smell desperation. It reeks. Be calm and confident not desperate.

28. After the interview, be careful what you say on social media and in your follow up email. Be polite and kind at all times even if you are declined.

As I said earlier it is not compulsory to have someone in a company to get a job. Make friends, network, tell the world that you’re looking for a job, share vital content to show your knowledge about that industry. Be valuable. Be indispensable.

Finally, you are not just a job seeker or employee, you are an entrepreneur. You are your product and your skills are your service. Every interview is a pitch and your salary is your revenue. You are your business. Never forget this.

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